Our Philosophy

At PAWstigious Doggy University we believe that every dog deserves a good home. In order to support this cause, we donate $10 to a local rescue. To make our classes even more affordable for those who share our values, we also offer a 10% discount for all dogs that were adopted from a local shelter/rescue.


Our training philosophy at PawDU is that obedience should be taught using verbal and physical praise with appropriate corrections. By using this method, you will gain respect from your dog and they will be obedient whether or not you have a treat in your hand. If your dog needs housebreaking, obedience, or habit-breaking PAWstigious Doggy University  has the services for you!

Why Choose PawDU?

Having a dog that you can trust around your family, your friends and in your home increases the quality of life for you and your four-legged friend. Our "bootcamp" training style allows you to board your dog with us while they are being trained, ensuring that your dog behaves consistently before going back to their familiar environment. We handle dogs of all breeds, ages and temperaments and modify our services to fit each unique case. Located in Roslindale, our services are accessible throughout all of Boston.

Our trainers are experienced, patient and knowledgeable. Their goal is to enhance the mutually beneficial relationship between you and your dog.  



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