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PAWstigious Doggy University was founded in 2012 by James Rodriguez. James was working on set with a dog when he was approached by a crew member who was looking for a new home for her "destructive" dog. Knowing that he couldn't adoopt a third dog (even if he was a cute little terrier), James offered to take the dog home for one week and train him. By the end of the week, when James showed the crew member how well-behaved the terrier was, she decided to keep her dog who became the first graduate of PAWstigious Doggy University.


Since that first graduate, PawDU has expanded the types of classes offered (see our classes for detailed information) and has maintained the mission to increase the quality of life for both dogs and owners through training. 

Our Team

James Rodriguez has experience working on television, movies, photo shoots and live shows as an animal trainer. He has trained animal actors ranging from dogs and cats to eagles and lions since 2008. Prior to working in Hollywood, James worked with exotic animals in South America and as a scuba diving instructor on a cruise ship. Although he has vast experience working with all types of animals, James enjoys working with dogs the most because he feels that with them he can make the best connection. His patience, persistence and calm demeanor make him the perfect trainer for dogs of all breeds and personalities.

James Rodrigues

Founder & Trainer


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Telephone: (845) 304-4709

E-mail: info@pawdu.com


Located in Roslindale, our services are accessible throughout all of Greater Boston area.


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