PawDU Fundamentals

Exercise is extremely important for all dogs of all breeds, whether it is going for a walk, a run or playing fetch, exercise should NEVER be skipped. Your dog should exercise for a minimum of one hour every day to give the dog's body and mind a chance to workout; a bored dog is an unhappy dog.


Corrections need to happen right when the dog begins an undesireable behavior. The timing of the correction is key and more important than the method used. A correction can be a sound or a quick and assertive touch, but should NEVER be abusive. A correction may need to be repeated a few times before your dog understands what the rule is that he/she is breaking.


Leadership is vital to your relationship with you dog. He/She needs to know that you are the pack leader and as the leader you must set the rules. You do not need to be agressive to be the leader, in fact, just the opposite: A dog won't trust someone who is abusive, but will respect a calm and assertive leader. An example of good leadership on your walk means that YOU decide where to go, at what pace and when to rest.


Affection is often overused by many dog owners. It is important to show your dog affection, but only when it is appropriate. Remember that affection reinforces whatever behavior came right before it. So if you give your dog affection when he/she is overexcited because you just came home, you are encouraging hyper behavior. Instead, give your dog affection when he/she is calm and submissive.

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