Q: Where will my dog stay while being trained?

A: During training your dog will stay in the trainer’s home and treated like one of their own companions.


Q: How much does a class cost?

A: The cost varies depending on the specific class and needs of your dog. A complete description of all the classes we offer can be found here.


Q: Will the dog remember everything when he/she gets home?

A: It depends on you. The trainer will spend time with you and your dog after the training is complete teaching you how to keep up on the training. If, however, you ever feel that your dog has forgotten what we taught them, the trainer will meet with you and your dog to evaluate your dog’s abilities.


Q: How long is a bootcamp class?

A: The class is a full seven days. The day of the week that we pick up your dog will be the same day that we will return him/her.


Q: Can I extend a bootcamp class?

A: You can extend a bootcamp class for an additional fee per day, however all training is usually done within seven days. 


Q: Can I sign my dog up for two bootcamps back-to-back?

A: We do not recommend completing two bootcamps back-to-back because everything the dog learns in one week needs to be reinforced with you at home before they can advance to the next level.


Q: What will my dog learn in your Bootcamps?

A:  Most dogs will learn to sit, stay, down, come, leave it, basic leash etiquette, and 1-2 fun behaviors. A complete description of all the classes we offer can be found here(Note: dogs that are extremely timid may take longer than one week to train and/or may not learn all of the above)


Q: Is there a minimum age requirement for any of your classes?

A: The minimum age for a bootcamp class is 3 months, however at this young age, your dog may not be mature enough to be proficient in all of the learned behaviors. Once a puppy is 5 months, they should be mature enough to learn the behaviors as good as an adult dog. Please note that all dogs must have received all of their shots in order to enroll. There is no minimum age for one-on-one tutoring.


Q: What training method do you use?

A: Unlike most companies, we do not use food (including treats) to train obedience. Instead, we practice positive reinforcement through verbal praise and use a training collar for corrections.


Q: During the one week stay, how often will my dog be trained?

A: Your dog will have 3-5 dedicated short training sessions every day. Additionally, they will receive constant real-world training as they live in our trainer's homes. 

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