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Bootcamp Classes


One week intensive classes where your four-legged friend will live with our trainer and receive 3-5 short training classes every dayPrior to enrollment, our trainer will speak with you to get an idea of your dog’s unique personality, any specific problems, and your expectations. The trainer will use that information to tailor the training program to your dog’s needs. After the program, the trainer will demonstrate what your PawDU graduate is capable of and will work one-on-one with you to teach you the necessary training techniques to maintain your dog’s behaviors.


All bootcamp graduates will go home with a graduation packet including an appropriately sized correction collar and a tie-down. If you "Like" us on Facebook your dog will also receive a high-quality leash when completing a bootcamp class!


(Note: Dogs that are extremely timid may take longer than 1 week to train and/or may not learn the entire curriculum)

Bootcamp 101: Puppy  Etiquette & Potty Training

Price: $1450

  • Manners including: greeting guests and not nipping 
  • Leash etiquette
  • Foundations for sit, stay, down and come
  • 1 fun behavior/"trick"
  • Potty training essentials 

All puppies must be at least 3 months old and have received all of their shots

Bootcamp 201a:  Beginner's  Obidience & Potty Training

Price: $1450

  • Leash etiquette

  • Basic obedience including: sit, stay, down, come and "leave it"

  • 1-2 fun behaviors/"tricks

  • Potty training essential

Bootcamp 201b:    Beginner's Obedience

Price: $1250

  • Leash etiquette
  • Basic obedience including: sit, stay, down, come and "leave it"
  • 1-2 fun behaviors/"tricks                              

Bootcamp 202:      Advanced Obedience

Price: $1250

  • Strengthen basic obedience  
  • Advanced obedience including: heel, working with distractions and clicker training
  • 2-3 fun behaviors/“tricks”

Bootcamp 301:                Potty Training Essentials

Price: $1250

  • Your dog will learn where an acceptable place is to use the bathroom 
  • Learning how to use a doggy door can be incorporated upon request

Bootcamp 401:                Habit breaking

Price: $1250 (prices will vary)

  • Break your dog's bad habits including:
    • Digging 
    • Nipping 
    • Jumping 
    • Chewing
    • Barking

For issues with aggression, PawDU suggests you seek help from an aggressive specialist

One-on-One Tutoring

One hour personalized training sessions at a location of your choosing. The trainer will teach you how to better communicate with your dog and give you the tools necessary to transform them into a well-behaved companion. 


Students enrolled in a One-on-One tutoring session greater than 10 miles from 02131, will have a $5 - $15 additional charge for travel.


Vary depending on number of session

  • 1st:   $85
  • 2nd:  $75
  • 3rd:   $75
  • 4th:   $75
  • 5th+: $65

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